Since the 1990s, across many countries, inquiries and truth commissions into various forms of historical abuse have proliferated. This has given rise to a new interdisciplinary field of scholarship, which seeks to elucidate complex questions in relation to the form, function and scope of inquiries and their potential to redress historical injustices and foster social transformation. However, despite a growing body of research, to date there exists no corpus of historical abuse inquiries globally and there remains limited delineation of the ways in which different types of inquiries may be classified.

Beginning with a focus on historical institutional child abuse inquiries, this pilot project – The Age of Inquiry: A Genealogy of Inquiries Into Historical Abuse, funded by the ‘Transforming Human Societies’ Research Focus Area (RFA), La Trobe University (2016–2017) – aims to map the rise of historical abuse inquiries internationally. It will develop a typology of inquiries and produce a database that will lay the foundation for a significant new online public knowledge resource. The project will make critical contributions to the fields of inquiry research and eScholarship and advance theorisation of historical child abuse inquiries in relation to local developments, transnational flows and international trends.

Project Team

Dr Katie Wright, La Trobe University (Lead Chief Investigator)
Professor Shurlee Swain, Australian Catholic University
Professor Johanna Sköld, Linköping University, Sweden


Katie Wright, Shurlee Swain, and Johanna Sköld, 2017. The age of inquiry: a global mapping of institutional abuse inquiries, La Trobe University, Melbourne: doi:

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Shurlee Swain, Katie Wright, and Johanna Sköld. 2018, ‘Conceptualising and categorising child abuse inquiries: from damage control to foregrounding survivor testimony‘, Journal of Historical Sociology, vol. 31, no. 3, pp. 282-296.

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